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bronze axeThere is a worldwide push to limit or eliminate the collection of cultural antiquities. While we do not support the looting of ancient artifacts we do support the legal and ethical collection of antiquities by private individuals. The reason for this is simple. Museums across the world are under-funded and under-staffed and usually have a surplus of items that they have neither the time, the money, nor the interest in displaying to the public. Often these items sit for decades in boxes or drawers, quietly decaying into nothing, lost for all time. Private collectors, as a general rule, not only have the financial resources to dedicate to their collections but they take active steps to preserve their collections and enjoy having them available for publication and sometimes for public display. Collectors serve an integral part in the preservation of historical items and educational advancement for all the world.

It is our position that overly restrictive laws encourage the looting of historical sites and not enough regulation serves much the same purpose. Moderate regulation not only promotes capitalism and economic well-being for all, but also allows private collectors to join in the preservation and study of the history of the world. Better understanding of history and culture benefits everyone.

Here at Priceless Past we do not condone the violation of any laws, national or international, regardless of whether or not we agree with those laws. We will not knowingly do business with anyone who violates those laws and we strive to ensure that every item we sell complies with all current regulations.

We offer a unique selection of Ancient Chinese bronze and other “curious collectibles”. Using our worldwide network of dealers, scholars and collectors, we can often locate hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind objects (feel free to contact us with your needs). We also offer a wide range of services (see link) including the authentication of ancient bronze and documentation of items in your collection. Services are tailored to the clients needs and budget and our prices are very competitive.

All of our items are guaranteed as described or purchase price is refunded. We want our customers to be satisfied. Please understand that many ancient artifacts are professionally repaired or restored before coming to us and sellers do not often provide that information. We make every effort to find evidence of repair or restoration on all of our items but do not perform a full analysis on every piece so it is possible that some items may have undetected repairs or restorations. The reason we do not perform a full analysis on every piece is so that we may keep our sale prices at a minimum. The purchaser may request certain tests of any item in our inventory and the price can be added to or made as a condition of the sale. Please contact us for more information.